COVID-19 at-home Rapid Test

  • $ 3900


About the Product

InteliSwab™ Covid rapid test makes it easier for individuals with or without symptoms to test themselves anytime, anywhere. The unique design of InteliSwab™ incorporates a built-in swab that is fully integrated into the test stick, simplifying the entire testing process.

Using InteliSwab™ to test for COVID-19 requires less than one minute of “hands-on” time. There are no confusing steps, no batteries and no mailing to labs. You just swab your nostrils with the gentle swab, swirl it in the tube, and see results in minutes. It’s just that simple.

This product has been authorized by the FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization for over-the-counter use, prescription home use and point-of-care use.

Each box contains two rapid at-home tests.




Suggested Use

Testing with InteliSwab™ is simple: users swab their lower nostrils with the test stick, swirl it in a pre-measured solution, and see their result on the test stick in 30 minutes – with no instruments, batteries, smartphone or laboratory analysis needed to see the result.

In a clinical study at five independent US sites, InteliSwab™ had strong performance, with positive results agreeing with highly sensitive FDA-authorized PCR tests 84% of the time, and negative results agreeing 98% of the time. In addition, 98% of consumers in the clinical trial found InteliSwab™ easy-to-use.

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