Cenegenics ELITE Performance Whey Protein - Vanilla

SKU: 881314940165
Cenegenics ELITE Performance Whey Protein - Vanilla
Cenegenics ELITE Performance Whey Protein - Vanilla

Cenegenics ELITE Performance Whey Protein - Vanilla

SKU: 881314940165
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A major advantage of protein powders is that they are convenient.  In a world where everyone is overwhelmed with a busy life, it often becomes difficult to find the time to prepare high-protein meals of fish, lean meats, and eggs.  Whey protein has become a staple supplement for most athletes and fitness-minded individuals due to its effects on immunity.  A growing number of studies has found whey may potentially reduce cancer rates, reduce stress and lower cortisol, increase brain serotonin levels, improve liver function in those suffering from certain forms of hepatitis, reduce blood pressure, and improve sports-related performance.

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

In addition to getting the best raw source of milk (grass-fed New Zealand cows), the Cenegenics whey protein powder contains NONE of the following ingredients:


NO Acesulfame-K

NO Artificial Flavors

NO Artificial Sweeteners

NO Artificial Colors

NO Aspartame

NO Sucralose

Cenegenics Whey Protein is independently lab tested for authenticity, protein potency, solvent residue, heavy metals, herbicide and pesticide residue, stability, bacteria, yeast and mold.

Cenegenics Whey Protein’s active ingredient is New Zealand whey concentrate 80% and contains high levels of growth factors, such as IGF-1, TGF-1, and TGF-2. Along with its reduced amount of lactose and fat, concentrate protein contains much higher levels of various phospholipids, and various bioactive lipids, such as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and they often contain higher levels of immunoglobulins and lactoferrin.

Whey is a great addition to any diet and can be used anywhere from meal replacement to post-workout supplementation.  Use Cenegenics Whey Protein today to improve muscle protein synthesis, suppress hunger and burn body fat to achieve the body you always wanted.

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Sheikholeslami Vatani D, Ahmadi Kani Golzar F. Changes in antioxidant status and cardiovascular risk factors of overweight young men after six weeks supplementation of whey protein isolate and resistance training. Appetite. 2012 Dec;59(3):673-8.

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