Cenegenics Lean Muscle Kit

Cenegenics Lean Muscle Kit

  • $ 29999

Product Info

The Cenegenics Lean Muscle Kit Package comes with one of each of the following:

Cenegenics Muscle Formula

We believe Cenegenics Muscle Formula is an effective dietary supplement to help maintain muscle health and for older adults to help prevent sarcopenia – a condition of age related loss of muscle mass and strength. Learn more about Muscle Formula. Cenegenics Muscle Formula contains Fortetropin®, which is the first natural ingredient clinically shown to reduce serum myostatin levels. Learn more about Fortetropin®'s clinical trials.

Cenegenics ELITE Performance Natural Testosterone Formula

Cenegenics ELITE Performance Natural Testosterone Formula is designed to help promote healthy testosterone levels for enhanced vitality and sexual health.  This combination of naturally occurring ingredients may be used to improve testosterone production to support libido, energy and wellness. More info…

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