Cenegenics Womens Detox Kit

Cenegenics Womens Detox Kit

  • $ 24990

The Cenegenics Womens Detox Kit comes with one of each of the following:

GI Foundation for Women

GI Foundation Support for Women is a unique blend of probiotics taken orally to help maintain a healthy vaginal microflora and support urogenital health. The safety and efficacy of this probiotic combination for women’s health is supported by laboratory research and clinical evaluation. More info...

14 Day Essential Detox Kit

14 Day Essential Detox Kit comes with a shake bottle. It is a comprehensive, science-based nutritional program designed to support safe and effective detoxification. Everything you need is consolidated into packets to make the program easy to follow and to ensure that you don’t miss any necessary nutrients. Just take one drink mix packet combined with water and one capsule packet twice per day. More info…

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