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We all age differently. Cenegenics can help!

Before Arrival at Our Center

A Cenegenics phlebotomist arrives at your home or work to collect blood for extensive detection of blood serum and urinalysis biomarkers. Your Cenegenics physician will have received and reviewed the lab tests taken a week or two before your appointment.

Your Evaluation at Our Center

Upon arrival, you’ll notice there are no long lines and no waiting in a cold room. Your Member Services Coordinator will greet you and brief you on the day - generally a 4–6 hour in evaluation where you’ll undergo a series of monitored assessments, including analysis of musculoskeletal and cardiopulmonary systems as well as functional and neurocognitive tests.

Throughout your visit, the results of each test and assessment are analyzed in real-time and reviewed with you in combination with the lab results to gain a thorough understanding of your overall health, hormone levels and potential health risks.

Your Personalized Program

Once the tests and assessments are complete, you and your physician have a detailed conversation with regarding the results. This conversation addresses the lab work, in- center assessments as well as your lifestyle and optimal health objectives.

Your Elite Health Evaluation Includes:

Physician Consultation

Your Cenegenics Elite Physician will review your medical history, diagnostic and blood analysis results, to custom design a personalized program, based on your unique clinical needs analysis, that includes optimal nutrition, fitness & conditioning, hormone therapy (if clinically indicated) and targeted supplementation.

Comprehensive Lab Analysis

We come to your home or office to collect blood and urine samples. This only takes a few minutes. We then read up to 89 biomarkers to listen to what your body is telling us it needs.

Medical History & Lifestyle Assessment

During the lifestyle assessment, you’ll provide information about your day-to-day living habits, including activity levels and eating patterns. You will also be asked to provide details about any noteworthy health issues, procedures, or other experiences you have to formulate a well-rounded overview of your medical history. This information will help the specialists shape a highly personalized program according to your unique needs.

Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA Scan)

Dual energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) is considered the most highly developed and most thoroughly validated technique for assessing bone mineral density, according to the World Health Organization's report on the "Prevention and Management of Osteoporosis." It can help you diagnose osteoporosis, predict fractures, and monitor response to treatment.

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (VO2 Max Test)

A VO2 Max test will measure your volume of oxygen consumption by assessing your ability to perform sustained exercise at maximum exertion. If there is an obstacle getting in your way of pursuing a weight loss program through fitness, this may be the test to help uncover it. It is generally considered the best indicator of cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance. VO2 Max Results allow us to design a program that will help: Maximize fat burning potential based on the best way to lose weight for your body type, Condition the heart to become stronger both during physical activity and periods of rest, Improve exercise efficiency to help you achieve powerful results

Carotid Artery Ultrasonography (CIMT Exam)

The CIMT Test is an FDA-approved, noninvasive advanced ultrasound evaluation of the carotid arteries. This evaluation allows for detection of existing plaque and provides a highly precise measurement of the thickness of the artery wall. Thickening of the artery wall is an early sign of vascular disease and relates to your risk of heart attack as well as stroke. Early detection allows for the formulation of proactive strategies to reduce your risk for these catastrophic events.

Neurocognitive Assessment

Through our computerized cognitive assessment, CNS Vital Signs, we are able to evaluate important brain functions including memory, processing speed, executive function, and many other vital activities. Once on the Cenegenics program, patients often witness a significant improvement in cognitive performance. This is because our age management solutions are not focused on one area of health exclusively; instead, we firmly believe that supporting both the mental and physical aspects of well-being are essential to overcoming age-related challenges.

Core strength and flexibility assessment

While strength and flexibility are not the only markers of vitality, they are considered important measures of fitness. By assessing your current fitness levels, the Cenegenics team will be able to forge a comprehensive strategy to help you reach your goals.

Health Coach Consult

You will meet with a Cenegenics Health Coach to evaluate your current lifestyle and make adjustments to help you feel, look and be your best.

What members are saying.

"Within three months, I was back to a healthy weight and energy level where I was able to enjoy what I was doing."

Paul M.

Member since 2016

"I was excited. I had my go-getting personality. I wasn't exhausted anymore. I was sleeping much better."

Sonnette K.

Member since 2015

"There's nothing better to invest in than your health."


Patrick A.

Member since 2007


Receive exclusive offers, updates and healthy aging tips from our physicians and health coaches


Receive exclusive offers, updates and healthy aging tips from our physicians and health coaches