Mark Bell's Reactive Sling Shot

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Mark Bell's Reactive Sling Shot

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Mark Bell's Reactive Sling Shot™ is a great tool for minimizing joint pain caused by mild, chronic injuries. It is also a safe way to overload the muscles for the experienced trainee. This model is the most versatile Sling Shot because it can be used for both heavy and lighter weights (less than your 1RM and up to about 10% over). The Reactive Sling Shot is easy to use, simply slide it up over your upper arms and start benching!

  • Gives exercisers greater control over the weight
  • Used to create proper movement in shoulder girdles and elbows during pressing motions
  • Perfect for individuals with shoulder ailments

Reactive Sling Shot® Sizes by Bodyweight

Reactive Sling Shot® Size Weight (lbs)
L 140-180 lbs
XL 181-220 lbs
2XL 221-300 lbs

Please note:For taller individuals (>76 inches) and individuals with large forearms, it is recommended that you purchase one size larger.

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